Often when Forfang exhibits she utilizes the whole room, the floor, the roof and the walls. Sometimes she even makes music to get the atmosphere the way she wants. 

The first installation she made was in Antwerp, to the October Octopus exhibition where she built an entire room with the sole purpose of displaying the paintings. The floor were filled with water and stones, and the audience had to enter it to be able to see her paintings.

Another installation was at Pictura Art museum where she put eggshells on the floor.  The public had to walk on them to be able to see the paintings. The eggshells formed a new mosaic of a foetus when they where crushed into smaller and smaller pieces.

In Ask, Sweden, she collected 600 dolls that she used to make a serie of photos and a doll installation.

She also made two installations with the title "Power- kun for kvinner" (for females only) where men were not allowed to enter.