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Made at Fredriksens grafikk in Norway. If you like to know more about the process and see more photos you can visit the artist blog:

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Digital Graphic Art


Elder graphics out of stock



About the project:

The age 50 is special. It is the most special age in life. Maybe even one of the best ages?

Anyway it is an age of reflexion. You are in the middel of life if you are lucky. What have you achieved? Were you able to follow your dreams? 

I picked out 50 of my own paintings and repainted them  on my iPad with the program Procreate. 

On ForfangArt at instagram and Facebook you will find a small video that procreate create so you can follow the drawing process if you are interested. 

All the works are 50cm x 50 cm and are limited to 50.  They are printed with real pigment on a CanonPro 4000 on Delex texture art paper (240 gr)